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Kenya greets his guest

Tips for Kenya traveller

Kiswaheli dictionary

Travel weather Kenya

Currency calculator

Africa Online Kenya

Kenya Map

Daphne Sheldrick and her orphaned elephants and rhinos

Subria House - Lamu
Subira house is an Arab style building with two open court yards,
pretty arches and two beautiful gardens with our own well water.
There are seven bed rooms and many galleries where to relax in the soft warm winds.

Susan Bätz tells about orphanned elephants

Mamba Village, Crocodile Farm in Mombasa

Fort Jesus in Mombasa (englisch)

KWS, Kenya Wildlife Service with Information about National Parks (englisch)

Haller Park, Bamburi Nature Trail

Birds in Kenya

First-aid kit for travellers

Bird watching in Kenya

African Boas & Pythons, for friends of African reptiles

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Africa Safari
- Africa safari offer tours with informed travel advice & accommodation recommendations to destinations in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zanzibar as well as southern Africa

A virtual Safari unfortunately the author cannot be contacted under the available E-mail address., Kenya infos and more

  Mitch's SafariCards
, ideal um sich bei seinen Freunden nach Kenya abzumelden

Bwana Mitch's Virtuelle Safari
Photo-Safari in South- and East-Africa

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Commercial Pilot Training for helicopter and fixed wing (HPPL, HCPL, ATPL, hour building, instrument ratings, bush flying, diverse conversions), VIP Charter (Best Golf Courses of South Africa, luxurious Safari & Wildlife)...Your African Aviation, Adventure & Destination Specialist: TH Aviation ConneXions!

Not only African, but very exotic

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