Diving in the Mombasa Marine National Park

Beside the possibility to make a safari in one of the great upcountry National Parks rich in game, Kenya offers a vast coastline with marine national parks parks and reserves the option to find out more about the underwater world of the Indian Ocean. Concerning the biodiversity, these protected areas can be compared to the big game reserves. Depending on whether one wants to snorkel within the reef or to scuba dive outside the reef, one can observe, apart from various bigger and smaller fish, like black & white heniochus, parrot fish, different trigger or surgeon fish, also sea turtles, dolphins, whale sharks, rays or reef sharks in different depths.

Snorkel trips are worthwhile from many places along the Kikambala and other beaches. Moreover the possibility exists to hire a glass bottom or local outrigger boat to be driven to reef places or within in one of the marine parks.

All visits to the reserves or underwater national parks attract an entry fee by KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) to be paid before the trip. At present the amount is 15 US$ per person. .

A worthwhile expense, because the reefs for some years now are growing again. The KWS excel by patrolling the area to assure protection of the underwater world, and above all, because there is much to be discovered.

Alphonse Kazungu, Senior Instructor; Buccaneer Diving - Mombasa

Qualified divers or those who wish to become one, have the possibility to be collected from Boko-Boko by one of the diving schools for their scuba dive. I have good experience with the team around Alphonso Kasungu. He and his people of Buccaneer Diving not only know the most interesting places, but also accompany the dives competently and offer at their base the complete equipment for the various diving excursions.

With these proposals the Boko-Boko team is happy to not only offer a vacation in the tropical surroundings on land, but also help to discover the rich underwater world of the Indian Ocean.


Jörg Reinecke


Please remamber:

It is unlawful to export animals, plants as well as shells and coralls from Kenya !!!

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