A Game Safari in the „Kenyan Bush“ is without doubt one of the highlights of any journey to East Africa. The „Boko Boko“ presents itself as the right place to relax before or after such an excursion. Although Boko Boko does not organize or offer Safaris directly, you will however be gladly assisted in your selection and reservation.

The following pictures are there to give you a small insight not only into the great diversity of species in the animal world of East Africa but also the beautiful landscapes of the region. And for those who would now like to get prepared for a Safari, I recommend to go to www.safari-wangu.de.

What is there to discover? Excursions!

You make the most beautiful and most pleasant animal observations (different monkey, birds and reptiles) within the place itself just by simply waiting for the animals to appear. Who however likes to make excursions outside, has ample opportunity to do so. Please get infor-mation at Boko-Boko.

It is unlawful to export animals, plants as well as shells from Kenya !!!

Besides following could be done:

... Just to relax in Boko-Boko
... in Mombasa to visit the old Fort Jesus,
... in Mombasa to see the Ngomongo Village,
... in the near Mtwapa Village, to sit next to the creek or to make a dhau trip just for a nice sundowner!
... in Gede to visit the ruins of an age old village,
... a day trip to Kilifi Creek
... to visit the near ruins of Jumba la Mtwana, or the ruins from Manarani (Kilifi)
... to eat crocodile meat at Mamba Village, the largest crocodile farm in Africa
... to walk the Bamburi Nature Trail between antelopes and giraffes,
... to rent a car ( according to my own experience Glory Car is the most favourable one, their office is in the Diani Shopping Centre)
... to make some trips to discover the surroundings
... to make a day safari to the big game in the Shimba Hills National Reserve
... to make a drive to the Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary
... to make a safari for a few days to one of the numerous other national parks with an unfor-gettable overnight stay in one of the comfortable lodges.

kind regards and
kwa heri ya kuonana

Jörg Reinecke