How to book Boko Boko - Kenya

You have enjoyed what you have seen?

Still doubts? Do not worry, the weather in Mombasa is always warm!

You would like to come to Kenya but can not find a reasonable filght?
(All travel arrangements are the responsibility of the guest)


KLM and Kenya Airways

Booking conditions
You can book this vacation with me by telephone, fax (0049 (0) 5822 2992) or naturally by E-mail. I am no tour operator, but a friend of the house, and do co-ordinate bookings outside Kenya's for Boko-Boko. After you have informed me about your intended holiday schedule, I will make the reserva-tion for the room desired by you. A down payment of Euro 60,- per person will be applicable once a firm booking is made. Once payment is received I will send you a written booking confirmation.

I further suggest that you get in touch with me about a week before starting your travel. You will be requested to pay the room on arrival, drinks and food can be settled weekly.

The booking at Boko-Boko covers the room with breakfast included. The guests will make their own arrangements for their travel. Payments for the air tickets will be made to the air-line or their agents.

I am not a tour operator. I am only assiting to arrange and co-ordinate your individually modelled vacation. Liability of any kind is not taken!

For further questions I am available at any time under following cantact:
oder 0049 (0) 5822 2992


Jörg Reinecke